Daily UI Challenge

To stay sharp and up-to-date on UX design, I participate in the Daily UI challenge.  Everyday, an open-ended design prompt is sent to my email.  I can then take those prompts in any creative direction I choose, designing for any type of interface using any topic.  I love stretching the boundaries of the prompts in directions that hold personal interest.  Below are some of my favorite interfaces so far.


Prompt: Profile Design

For this challenge, I designed profiles for characters from my favorite TV show, "New Girl".  These profiles are for fans to follow, allowing them to stay up to date on the latest news and best character video clips.  I imagine an entire entertainment app existing around this idea, where people could follow all of their favorite characters from TV shows and movies.


Prompt: 404 Page Design

I started this challenge by writing a list of everyday things that go wrong- kids breaking crayons, getting rained on when you don't have an umbrella, spilling milk, etc.- and landed on the concept of a girl messing up her makeup.  I had a lot of fun illustrating the animation and coming up with the themed wording for the copy. 


Prompt: Recipe

I am someone who finds cooking and baking to be a daunting challenge, so I wanted to create a recipe app that would be fun and easy for everyone to use.  I based my design off of one of my mom's recipes to give this prompt a personal touch.


Prompt: Calculator Design

Instead of designing a normal calculator of numbers, I designed an app to calculate something that people use up everyday: patience. Introducing my "Composure Calculator".

This imaginative app and data visualization combo takes the phrases "my patience is up to here!" and "I have no more patience for the day!" in a literal way, tracking your patience-use throughout the day.  The app also shows overall statistics on your patience-use averages over time.  As shown below, a user can click into each section on the daily data visualization to see how their patience is being spent.


Prompt: Music Player Design

I don't have much experience with Apple Watch design, so I decided to use this prompt as a way to test out my skills on a new interface.  It was a fun challenge to design for such a small space.


Prompt: Flash Message (Error/Success) Design

Similar to the 404 page design, I started by making a list of things that have a good/working/happy side and a bad/broken/sad side.  Because of my love for illustration, I decided to go with a cute giraffe in a quest for food.  I imagine these messages existing as pop-up modals on an app, perhaps in a themed game.


Prompt: Boarding Pass

When I travel, I never have a good place for my printed boarding pass because of its large size; so, I decided to design a boarding pass that is business card size.  It can easily be placed in a wallet so passengers don't lose their pass (I usually end up folding my boarding pass to fit in my wallet anyways!).  Also, why travel to LAX or JFK when you can travel to another planet... trips to STN coming 2078.


Prompt: Landing Page Design

Design is my number one passion, but playing & writing music is a close second.  So, I designed a landing page for a promotional personal music site.