Power Zones by SIRONA

"Power Zones by Sirona" tackles the problem of stress-induced injuries in athletes through design. Using my theoretical product "Power Zones" as my starting point, I built a new company "Sirona" from the ground up through the creation of digital branding, a wearable product, and a phone application. In my final trade show mockup, I market my company and product to gallery viewers, bringing them into my technologically advanced "Sirona" world.


Every day, athletes of all levels are forced to the bench because of stress-induced injuries.  Not only are injuries painful for the individual, but they can also mean increased medical costs, more time spent at doctors visits, reduced overall health (physical and mental), and letting a team down.

So far, it seems that these injuries go unquestioned as a natural part of participating in a sport.


I want to change this- I want injury prevention to be the new normal.  My goal is to design a way to notify athletes in real-time that they are in danger of an injury before it happens, and then direct them on what to do to remedy the situation.  In short, I want to design an early-warning system for stress-induced injury.  

As a designer who focuses on graphic and UX work, I intended to design this product in a theoretical sense and then focus on creating a world around that product to make people think about what COULD be in the near future.

 A visual that maps out the skills and interests I intended to put to use to make my goal a reality

A visual that maps out the skills and interests I intended to put to use to make my goal a reality


User Personas

Based on results from a survey I made, I created five user personas to target the main groups that would find an injury warning system helpful.  After thinking through each persona, I identified design implications to consider when designing the product. 

Product ideas

A few sketches of what the physical product could be, from actual clothing with sewn in sensors to a spray to a series of dots to patches

The physical product will function in conjunction with an app that will show the user data from the wearable.

Brand Creation

While thinking about the actual product itself, I also started developing a brand for the company in which the product would be under.  I decided on the company name “Sirona”, which comes from the name of the Celtic goddess of healing.

I developed a company mission statement to drive the project as well as brand colors.


Sirona Logo

Starting with an “s” like lightning bolt that represents strength and speed of athletes, I manipulated the shape until I molded a form that I felt could represent Sirona.

The final Sirona logo using the three brand green colors

Map of product

A sketch of my product concept to show how I envision the user interacting with the app and the wearable

Power Zone Wearable Details


Sirona App

The purpose of the Sirona app is to provide a Power Zone user with a way to:

1. See personal information and overall statistics on product use,  2. customize the product (status alerts on the wearable itself and on your phone),  3. connect the wearable to your profile, and most importantly,  4. check muscle statuses and statistics on each individual body part.

Here is a screen shot of my Sketch file of app screen development

Hand sketches of app element ideas

Final screens

A video of the app prototype in action.  Try out the app for yourself using this link here.  

Putting it all together

A video showing how a user interacts with the Sirona App and the Power Zone wearable before a workout.


Exhibit Design

I designed and created a mock trade show to house my work in the gallery space.  I brought viewers further into my Sirona world, igniting conversation about a future where this product could exist.

 My final digital trade show layout

My final digital trade show layout

Trade show posters

I created a series of layouts to display my project at the trade show.  This poster layout details the user research and persona part of my work.

Product poster

This layout details both the physical product and application product and how they connect to each other.

 My trade show mocked up digitally with the poster layouts.

My trade show mocked up digitally with the poster layouts.


If I were to continue Power Zones by Sirona, I would aim to push the product concept itself.  I can see a future where injury prevention wearables exist in multiple formats, all under the umbrella Sirona brand.  In addition to the Power Zone patches, I would explore clothing with sensors (think smart leggings and shirts), arm and leg bands, creams, and sprays.  The Power Zone patch concept is only the beginning.

Lastly, I want to mention and thank my academic and professional mentors who advised me over the course of this thesis project: Allen Samuels (Dean Emeritus of the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan), Brad Smith (professor at the Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan), and Mike Wojan (user experience designer at the University of Michigan Digital Innovation Greenhouse).